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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
02/12/2018 Internal Revenue Service Most Employment Identity Theft Victims Have Not Been Notified That Their Identities Are Being Used by Others for Employment Audit Agency-Wide
02/07/2018 Internal Revenue Service Actions Are Needed to Reduce the Risk of Fraudulent Use of Employer Identification Numbers and to Improve the Effectiveness of the Application Process Audit Agency-Wide
02/05/2018 Internal Revenue Service Electronic Authentication Process Controls Have Been Improved, but Have Not Yet Been Fully Implemented Audit Agency-Wide
01/31/2018 Internal Revenue Service Results of the 2017 Filing Season Audit Agency-Wide
01/29/2018 Internal Revenue Service Some Legal Requirements to Deactivate Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers Have Not Been Met Audit Agency-Wide
01/29/2018 Internal Revenue Service Processes Need to Be Improved to Identify Incomplete and Fraudulent Applications for Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers Audit Agency-Wide
01/18/2018 Internal Revenue Service Independent Attestation Review of the Internal Revenue Service's Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Accounting of Drug Control Funds and Related Performance Audit Agency-Wide
12/20/2017 Internal Revenue Service Agency-Wide Shared Services Implemented Corrective Actions Asociated With Prior Recommendations Audit Agency-Wide
11/15/2017 Internal Revenue Service Processes Do Not Always Ensure That Electronic Filing Identification Numbers Are Assigned to Qualified Applicants or Deactivated When Required Audit Agency-Wide
11/07/2017 Internal Revenue Service Fiscal Year 2017 Digital Accountability and Transparency Act Reporting Compliance Audit Agency-Wide