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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
05/20/2019 Internal Revenue Service Billions of Dollars in Non-Payroll Tax Withholding Discrepancies Are Not Being Addressed Audit Agency-Wide
05/14/2019 Internal Revenue Service Status of the Office of Chief Counsel's Issuance of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Guidance Audit Agency-Wide
05/13/2019 Internal Revenue Service Some Refundable Credits Are Still Not Classified and Reported Correctly as a High Risk for Improper Payment by the Internal Revenue Service Audit Agency-Wide
05/08/2019 Internal Revenue Service The Internal Revenue Service Did Not Follow Congressional Directives Before Closing Taxpayer Assistance Centers; a Data-Driven Model Should Be Used to Optimize Locations Audit Agency-Wide
04/24/2019 Internal Revenue Service Improvements in Return Scoring and Resource Allocation at the Strategic Level Could Enhance Examination Productivity Audit Agency-Wide
04/19/2019 Internal Revenue Service Electronic Authentication Security Controls Have Improved, but Continued Progress Is Needed to Ensure the Protection of Public-Facing Applications Audit Agency-Wide
04/18/2019 Internal Revenue Service Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Assessment of Implementation Efforts Audit Agency-Wide
04/15/2019 Internal Revenue Service Improvements Are Needed to Ensure That Employee Tax Compliance Cases Are Adjudicated Consistently Audit Agency-Wide
04/02/2019 Internal Revenue Service Interim Results of the 2019 Filing Season Audit Agency-Wide
03/18/2019 Internal Revenue Service Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Implementation of the Qualified Business Income Deduction Audit Agency-Wide