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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort descending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
12/30/2014 Internal Revenue Service The Fresh Start Initiatives Have Benefited Many Taxpayers, but Additional Monitoring and Evaluation Is Needed Audit Agency-Wide
12/30/2014 Internal Revenue Service Additional Consideration of Prior Conduct and Performance Issues Is Needed When Hiring Former Employees Audit Agency-Wide
01/21/2015 Internal Revenue Service The Internal Revenue Service Adhered to the Required Bargaining Process and Federal Guidance in the Payment of Fiscal Year 2013 Performance Awards Inspection / Evaluation
02/06/2015 Internal Revenue Service Processes Do Not Ensure That Corporations Accurately Claim Carryforward General Business Credits Audit Agency-Wide
03/02/2015 Internal Revenue Service Requests for Taxpayer Information Were Generally Processed Properly in the Return and Income Verification Services and the Income Verification Express Service Programs Inspection / Evaluation
03/02/2015 Internal Revenue Service Processes Are Needed to Link Third-Party Payers and Employers to Reduce Risks Relating to Employment Tax Fraud Audit Agency-Wide
03/17/2015 Internal Revenue Service Actions Can Be Taken to Further Improve the Strategy for Addressing Excess Contributions to Individual Retirement Arrangements Audit Agency-Wide
03/18/2015 Internal Revenue Service Additional Improvements Are Needed to Measure the Success and Productivity of the Partnership Audit Process Audit Agency-Wide
03/20/2015 Internal Revenue Service Victims of Identity Theft Continue to Experience Delays and Errors in Receiving Refunds Audit Agency-Wide
03/26/2015 Internal Revenue Service Existing Procurement Practices Allowed Corporations With Federal Tax Debt to Obtain Contract Awards Audit Agency-Wide