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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort descending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
08/30/2018 Environmental Protection Agency EPA's June 2018 Issuance of the Delayed Notice of Availability of Farm Worker Protection Training Materials Will Reduce Risks of Injury and Illness Audit Agency-Wide
09/04/2018 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Asserts Statutory Law Enforcement Authority to Protect Its Administrator but Lacks Procedures to Assess Threats and Identify the Proper Level of Protection Audit Agency-Wide
09/05/2018 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Can Strengthen Its Process for Revising Air Quality Dispersion Models that Predict Impact of Pollutant Emissions Audit Agency-Wide
09/05/2018 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Needs a Comprehensive Vision and Strategy for Citizen Science that Aligns with Its Strategic Objectives on Public Participation Audit Agency-Wide
09/12/2018 Environmental Protection Agency Management Alert: EPA Oversight of Employee Debt Waiver Process Needs Immediate Attention Audit Agency-Wide
09/17/2018 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Needs to Re-Evaluate Its Compliance Monitoring Priorities for Minimizing Asbestos Risks in Schools Audit Agency-Wide
09/18/2018 Environmental Protection Agency Delayed Cleanup of Asbestos Debris at the Old Davis Hospital Site Necessitates Changes for EPA Region 4 and North Carolina Audit NC, US
09/25/2018 Environmental Protection Agency Collecting Additional Performance Data from States Would Help EPA Better Assess the Effectiveness of Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs Audit Agency-Wide
09/25/2018 Environmental Protection Agency Measures and Management Controls Needed to Improve EPA's Pesticide Emergency Exemption Process Disaster Recovery Report Agency-Wide
09/26/2018 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Paid $14.5 Million to Foreign Fellows that Could Have Funded Research by U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents Audit Agency-Wide