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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation
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Direct UD to develop and implement travel policies and procedures that: a. are consistent across all departments; b. require prior authorization and approvals; c. prohibit approvals or authorizations from being performed by spouses or family members, or others with actual or perceived conflicts of interest; d. require a detailed travel expense report identifying the business activities conducted for each day expenses are claimed, and identifying any personal or non-work-related days included in the travel; e. ensure adequate review of claimed travel expenses charged to Federal awards to ensure travel is in accordance with UD policies, Federal regulations, and within the period of performance of the award; f. ensure there is a clear benefit to the Federal award being charged; and g. ensure that adequate documentation is provided to support attendance at conferences, speaking engagements, and other business-related activities.
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Finding 3, Rec. 2
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Significant Recommendation
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