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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation
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Direct Yale to strengthen its administrative and management processes and procedures surrounding the approval of travel expense reports. Updated processes could include: a. Conducting annual training for individuals responsible for reviewing and approving each department’s expense reports. The annual training should address: i. When business-class travel is allowable, the type of documentation required to support allowability, and how to perform and document economy-class airfare comparisons. ii. How to ensure Yale reimburses per diem at the appropriate General Services Administration or Department of State rates, only reimburses lodging based on actual travel costs, and appropriately limits meals & incidental expense per diem claimed on trips that exceed 30 days. iii. Travel expenses that are expressly unallowable per Federal, sponsor, and Yale policies. b. Implementing additional controls surrounding its process for flagging airfare purchases not booked through a U.S. flag carrier to ensure that it sufficiently reviews these purchases and that the traveler has appropriately completed Form 3301 FR.06 to support any Fly America Act exceptions. c. Implementing a control to flag any instances in which a traveler charges an award for airfare related to a trip that occurs outside the award’s period of performance.
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Finding 1, Rec. 7
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