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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation
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Direct NDSU to strengthen its internal controls surrounding travel booking and approval. Updated internal controls could include: • Requiring travelers to (a) identify any personal travel they are combining with business travel, and (b) document and maintain travel cost comparisons performed before the travel takes place to support that the traveler’s airfare costs did not increase as a result of the personal travel. • Requiring travelers to provide an agenda or other documentation supporting the business purpose of each day of a trip before the traveler receives reimbursement for lodging to ensure NDSU only charges NSF for lodging that benefits NSF awards. • Requiring periodic training for travelers and personnel responsible for preparing and approving travel authorizations and expense reports that includes documentation requirements for when travel dates do not align with conference or research-related travel dates.
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Rec. 1.3
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Significant Recommendation
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