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Inspector General Vacancies

IG Vacancy Details
OIG Days Vacant Who Nominates the IG Nominee Nomination Date Days Since Nomination
Export-Import Bank OIG 2674 President Parisa Salehi 10/19/2021 3
Department of Defense OIG 2113 President None
Office of Personnel Management OIG 2072 President Krista Anne Boyd 09/20/2021 32
Tennessee Valley Authority OIG 1491 President Ben Wagner 10/19/2021 3
Department of Education OIG 1054 President Sandra D. Bruce 06/17/2021 127
Department of Health & Human Services OIG 874 President Christi A. Grimm 06/24/2021 120
Department of the Treasury OIG 845 President None
Federal Communications Commission OIG 633 President None (Note: This is a new presidential appointment. The current agency-appointed IG will remain in place until the President's nominee is confirmed.)
Department of State OIG 525 President None
Department of Labor OIG 488 President Larry D. Turner 06/08/2021 136
U.S. Agency for International Development OIG 294 President Nicole Angarella 07/29/2021 85
Federal Housing Finance Agency OIG 83 President Brian Tomney 10/19/2021 3
Library of Congress OIG 51 Agency
Government Accountability Office OIG 21 Agency