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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
01/18/2022 Federal Housing Finance Agency Fannie Mae Successfully Implemented its Compliance Plan for FHFA’s NPL Post-Sale Data Collection Requirements Review US
01/18/2022 Small Business Administration SBA’s Oversight of the Grant Recipient’s Implementation of the CARES Act Resource Partners Training Portal Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
01/17/2022 U.S. Agency for International Development Audit of the Fund Accountability Statement of Promo-LEX Association, Democratic Transparency and Accountability Program in Moldova, Cooperative Agreement AID-117-A-16-00002, January 1 to December 31, 2020 Other MD
01/14/2022 Department of Energy The Department of Energy’s Unclassified Cybersecurity Program for Fiscal Year 2021 Other Agency-Wide
01/14/2022 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Statement Audit Management Letter Report Audit Agency-Wide
01/14/2022 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Evaluation of WSLU-FM/North Country Public Radio Compliance with Selected Communications Act and Transparency Requirements as of October 5, 2021, Report No. ECR2202-2203 Inspection / Evaluation NY, US
01/14/2022 U.S. Agency for International Development Audit of International Business Initiative Corporation’s Proposed Amounts on Unsettled Flexibly Priced Contracts for Fiscal Year 2018 Other US
01/14/2022 Department of Agriculture OIG Oversight Plan: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Funding Other US
01/14/2022 National Credit Union Administration Audit of the NCUA's Hiring Practices Audit Agency-Wide
01/14/2022 Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFA Generally Complied with its Updated Guidance for Procurement Peer Reviews Review US