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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
08/16/2021 Internal Revenue Service Fiscal Year 2021 Statutory Audit of Compliance With Legal Guidelines Prohibiting the Use of Illegal Tax Protester and Similar Designations Audit Agency-Wide
08/11/2021 Internal Revenue Service Efforts to Address the Compliance Risk of Underreporting of S Corporation Officers’ Compensation Are Increasing, but More Action Can Be Taken Audit Agency-Wide
08/09/2021 Internal Revenue Service Select Post-Award Financial Management and Documentation Controls for Information Technology Service Contracts Need Improvement Audit Agency-Wide
08/04/2021 Internal Revenue Service Review of the Independent Office of Appeals Collection Due Process Program Audit Agency-Wide
07/28/2021 Internal Revenue Service Inspection of Health and Safety Measures at Select IRS Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
07/27/2021 Internal Revenue Service Review of the Internal Revenue Service’s Purchase Card Violations Report Audit Agency-Wide
07/20/2021 Internal Revenue Service Taxpayers Were Notified About the CARES Act Retirement Plan Provisions; However, Additional Actions Could Be Taken to Identify Potential Noncompliance Audit Agency-Wide
07/14/2021 Internal Revenue Service Casualty and Theft Loss Deductions Continue to Be Erroneously Processed Without a Valid Federal Emergency Management Agency Number Audit Agency-Wide
07/09/2021 Internal Revenue Service Implementation of Tax Year 2020 Employer Tax Credits Enacted in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Audit Agency-Wide
07/08/2021 Internal Revenue Service Fiscal Year 2021 Mandatory Review of Compliance With the Freedom of Information Act Audit Agency-Wide