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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
08/16/2022 Department of Commerce USPTO Should Strengthen Its Planning and Oversight of Patent Data Capture Contracts to Manage Risks and Prevent Unnecessary Costs Audit Agency-Wide
07/20/2022 Department of Commerce USPTO Needs to Improve Its Cost Estimating, Scheduling, and Agile Practices to Timely Retire Patent Legacy Systems Audit Agency-Wide
07/07/2022 Department of Commerce The BAS Program Needs to Increase Attention to Business Process Reengineering and Improve Program Management Practices Audit Agency-Wide
06/23/2022 Department of Commerce Fiscal Year 2021 Compliance with Improper Payment Requirements Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
06/15/2022 Department of Commerce The Department Mismanaged, Neglected, and Wasted Money on the Implementation of IT Security Requirements for Its National Security Systems Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
06/08/2022 Department of Commerce The Success of NOAA’s Next-Generation Satellite System Architecture Depends on Sound Requirements Management Practices Audit Agency-Wide
05/09/2022 Department of Commerce The Census Bureau Needs to Improve Management and Oversight of Vetting Employees to Avoid Hiring Unsuitable Individuals for Federal Employment Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
03/31/2022 Department of Commerce The Inspector General’s March 2022 Semiannual Report to Congress Semiannual Report Agency-Wide
02/03/2022 Department of Commerce NOAA Inadequately Managed Its Active Directories That Support Critical Missions Audit Agency-Wide
01/25/2022 Department of Commerce The Department Needs to Improve Its System Security Assessment and Continuous Monitoring Program to Ensure Security Controls Are Consistently Implemented and Effective Audit Agency-Wide