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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
09/29/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Needs an Agencywide Strategic Action Plan to Address Harmful Algal Blooms Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
09/27/2021 Environmental Protection Agency Pandemic Highlights Need for Additional Tribal Drinking Water Assistance and Oversight in EPA Regions 9 and 10 Inspection / Evaluation
  • AK, US
  • AZ, US
  • CA, US
  • ID, US
  • NV, US
  • NM, US
  • OR, US
  • WA, US
09/22/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Needs to Strengthen Its Purchase Card Approval Process Audit Agency-Wide
09/20/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Effectively Planned for Future Remote Access Needs but Should Disconnect Unneeded Services in Timely Manner Audit Agency-Wide
09/13/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA’s Emergency Response Systems at Risk of Having Inadequate Security Controls Audit Agency-Wide
09/09/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management Lacked a Nationally Consistent Strategy for Communicating Health Risks at Contaminated Sites Audit Agency-Wide
08/09/2021 Environmental Protection Agency Report: EPA Should Improve Compliance with Blanket Purchase Agreement Requirements Audit Agency-Wide
08/04/2021 Environmental Protection Agency Compendium of Open and Unresolved Recommendations: Data as of March 31, 2021 Other Agency-Wide
07/08/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Should Conduct More Oversight of Synthetic-Minor-Source Permitting to Assure Permits Adhere to EPA Guidance Audit
  • CO, US
  • OK, US
06/14/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Has Reduced Its Backlog of State Implementation Plans Submitted Prior to 2013 but Continues to Face Challenges in Taking Timely Final Actions on Submitted Plans Audit Agency-Wide