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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
04/21/2021 Environmental Protection Agency Improved Review Processes Could Advance EPA Regions 3 and 5 Oversight of State-Issued National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits Audit
  • WV, US
  • MN, US
04/20/2021 Environmental Protection Agency Concerns About the Process Used for the SAFE Vehicles Rule Demonstrate the Need for a Policy on EPA’s Role in Joint Rulemakings Audit Agency-Wide
04/16/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Needs to Improve Processes for Updating Guidance, Monitoring Corrective Actions, and Managing Remote Access for External Users Audit Agency-Wide
04/15/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Delayed Risk Communication and Issued Instructions Hindering Region 5’s Ability to Address Ethylene Oxide Emissions Audit IL, US
03/31/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Does Not Always Adhere to Its Established Action Development Process for Rulemaking Audit Agency-Wide
03/29/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Does Not Consistently Monitor Hazardous Waste Units Closed with Waste in Place or Track and Report on Facilities That Fall Under the Two Responsible Programs Audit Agency-Wide
03/26/2021 Environmental Protection Agency Fiscal Year 2021 Oversight Plan Audit Agency-Wide
03/10/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Improperly Awarded and Managed Information Technology Contracts Audit Agency-Wide
02/10/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Is at Risk of Not Achieving Special Local Needs Program Goals for Pesticides Audit Agency-Wide
02/08/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Mostly Adheres to Regulations When Assessing Risks of New Pesticides but Should Improve Internal Controls Audit Agency-Wide