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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Report Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
10/05/2009 Department of Justice Compliance with Standards Governing Combined DNA Index System Activities at the Indian River Crime Laboratory at Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Florida Audit FL, US
09/30/2009 Department of Justice U.S. Department of Justice Audit of the National Institute of Justice's Practices for Awarding Grants and Contracts in Fiscal Years 2005 through 2007 Audit Agency-Wide
09/30/2009 Department of Justice Interim Review of ATF’s Project Gunrunner Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
09/30/2009 Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice Cooperative Agreements and Grants Awarded to the National Forensic Science Technology Center, Largo, Florida Audit FL, US
09/29/2009 Department of Justice Follow-up Audit of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Handling of Cash Seizures Audit Agency-Wide
09/25/2009 Department of Justice The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator Program Audit Agency-Wide
09/24/2009 Department of Justice Review of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Efforts to Prevent the Diversion of Tobacco Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
09/18/2009 Department of Justice The United States National Central Bureau of INTERPOL Audit Agency-Wide
09/09/2009 Department of Justice Review of the Department of Justice’s Effort to Prevent Staff Sexual Abuse of Federal Inmates Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
08/31/2009 Department of Justice The Department of Justice's Management of the Federal Employees' Compensation Act Program Audit Agency-Wide