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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
07/30/2020 Internal Revenue Service Review of the Internal Revenue Service's Purchase Card Violations Report Audit Agency-Wide
07/10/2020 Internal Revenue Service Constantly Evolving Refund Fraud Patterns Require Continued Refinement and Development of Detection Initiatives Audit Agency-Wide
07/09/2020 Internal Revenue Service The Annual Inventory Certification Process for Non–Information Technology Assets Needs Improvement Audit Agency-Wide
07/09/2020 Internal Revenue Service Tax Compliance Checks for Federal Employment Suitability Have Improved, but There Are Still Some Inconsistencies Audit Agency-Wide
07/08/2020 Internal Revenue Service Fiscal Year 2020 Mandatory Review of Compliance With the Freedom of Information Act Audit Agency-Wide
06/30/2020 Internal Revenue Service Interim Results of the 2020 Filing Season: Effect of COVID-19 Shutdown on Tax Processing and Customer Service Operations and Assessment of Efforts to Implement Legislative Provisions Audit Agency-Wide
06/25/2020 Internal Revenue Service Access to Facilities and Sensitive Taxpayer Information Was Not Always Revoked for Separated Employees Audit Agency-Wide
06/24/2020 Internal Revenue Service Performance Measures Are Needed to Evaluate the Results of Direct Pay Bond Processing Changes Audit Agency-Wide
06/22/2020 Internal Revenue Service The Large Case Examination Selection Method Consistently Results in High No-Change Rates Audit Agency-Wide
06/18/2020 Internal Revenue Service Controls Over the Pseudonym Program Need Improvements