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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
01/09/2019 Department of Defense Summary of Reports Issued Regarding Department of Defense Cybersecurity From July 1, 2017, Through June 30, 2018 Audit Agency-Wide
01/08/2019 Department of Defense Understanding the Results of the Audit of the DoD FY 2018 Financial Statements Audit Agency-Wide
01/03/2019 Department of Defense U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Oversight of Temporary Emergency Power Contracts Awarded for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Audit Agency-Wide
01/03/2019 Department of Defense DoD Civilian Pay Bdgeting Process Audit Agency-Wide
12/27/2018 Department of Defense U.S. Air Forces in Europe Plans for the Procurement and Pre‑Positioning of Deployable Air Base Kits Audit Agency-Wide
12/21/2018 Department of Defense Reporting of Improper Payments for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Commercial Pay Program Audit Agency-Wide
12/19/2018 Department of Defense Followup of Delinquent Medical Service Account Audits Audit Agency-Wide
12/13/2018 Department of Defense DoD Management of Software Applications Audit Agency-Wide
12/13/2018 Department of Defense System Review Report on the Defense Commissary Agency Internal Review Review Agency-Wide
12/12/2018 Department of Defense Defense Hotline Allegations Concerning the MQ‑9 Block 5 Reaper Unmanned Aerial System Audit Agency-Wide