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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
09/28/2016 Office of Personnel Management Audit Of The Information Systems General And Application Controls At Triple-S Salud, Inc. Audit PR, US
08/29/2016 Department of Housing and Urban Development The Municipality of Bayamon, PR, Did Not Always Ensure Compliance With HUD Program Requirements Audit PR, US
08/10/2016 Department of the Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program Grants Awarded to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Department of Lands and Natural Resources, From October 1, 2012, Through September 30, 2014 Audit MP, US
08/09/2016 Department of the Interior Guam School Bus Transportation Program Inspection / Evaluation GU, US
05/24/2016 Department of Health & Human Services Medicare Contractors' Payments to Providers for Hospital Outpatient Dental Services in Jurisdictions E and F Generally Did Not Comply With Medicare Requirements  Audit
  • AS, US
  • CA, US
  • GU, US
  • HI, US
  • NV, US
  • MP, US
  • AK, US
  • AZ, US
  • ID, US
  • MT, US
  • ND, US
  • OR, US
  • SD, US
  • UT, US
  • WA, US
  • WY, US
05/23/2016 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Region 9 Needs to Improve Oversight Over American Samoa Consolidated Cooperative Agreements Audit AS, US
05/19/2016 Department of Health & Human Services Medicare Compliance Review of Sea View Health Care Services, Inc.  Audit VI, US
05/09/2016 Environmental Protection Agency EPA Region 9 Needs to Improve Oversight Over Guam's Consolidated Cooperative Agreements Audit GU, US
04/20/2016 Department of Homeland Security FEMA Should Disallow $1.30M of $2.58M in Public Assistance Grant Funds Awarded to the Municipality of Villalba, PR, for Hurricane Irene Damages Audit PR, US
04/14/2016 Department of Veterans Affairs Review of Claims-Related Documents Pending Destruction at VA Regional Offices Audit
  • MD, US
  • IL, US
  • TX, US
  • LA, US
  • CA, US
  • PA, US
  • NV, US
  • FL, US
  • GA, US
  • PR, US