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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
03/27/2024 Department of Justice Recommendations Issued by the Office of the Inspector General that were Not Closed as of February 29, 2024 Other Agency-Wide
03/27/2024 Department of the Interior The National Park Service Should Clarify Oversight Responsibilities for Childcare Centers Operating in National Parks Other Agency-Wide
03/27/2024 Department of Defense Evaluation of the DoD Military Information Support Operations Workforce Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 U.S. Postal Service Mail Processing Machine Relocation Audit Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 AmeriCorps AmeriCorps Disallowed Funds Resulting from Falsified Volunteer Timesheets Investigation Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 Department of Agriculture IIJA–Restoration Projects on Federal/Non-Federal Land: Project Selection Other Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 Federal Labor Relations Authority Review of the Federal Labor Relations Authority's Implementation of the Remote Work Pilot Program Review Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 Department of Homeland Security REVENUE COLLECTION: CBP Needs to Enhance its Monitoring and Tracking of the Outcomes of Investigations into the Underpayment of Duties Audit Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 Small Business Administration SBA’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund Program Award Practices Audit Agency-Wide
03/26/2024 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Special Inquiry into the Appearance of a Conflict of Interest Involving Members of the Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes Investigation Agency-Wide