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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort descending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
08/03/2023 General Services Administration Implementation Review of Corrective Action Plan: Opportunities for PBS to Improve Management and Oversight of Its Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement Pilot Contracts Report Number A201020/P/9/R21008 September 30, 2021 Other Agency-Wide
08/03/2023 Department of Education The U.S. Department of Education’s Processes for Overseeing Charter Schools Program Grants to Charter Management Organizations for the Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools Audit Agency-Wide
08/03/2023 Department of Defense Lead Inspector General for Operation Inherent Resolve I Quarterly Report to the United States Congress I April 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023 Review Agency-Wide
08/03/2023 Department of Homeland Security FEMA Continues to Make Improper Reimbursements through the Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Grant Program Audit Agency-Wide
08/04/2023 Office of Personnel Management Audit of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program’s Dental 2024 Premium Rate Proposal Audit Agency-Wide
08/07/2023 U.S. Postal Service Compensation, Benefit, and Bonus Authority in Calendar Year 2022 Audit Agency-Wide
08/07/2023 Department of Homeland Security CBP Outbound Inspections Disrupt Transnational Criminal Organization Illicit Operations (REDACTED) Audit Agency-Wide
08/07/2023 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Audit of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Oversight of the Federally Funded Research and Development Center Contract Audit Agency-Wide
08/07/2023 Internal Revenue Service Indicators Used to Prevent Filing of Tax Returns for Deceased Taxpayers Were Incorrectly Placed on Some Taxpayer Accounts Audit Agency-Wide
08/08/2023 Department of the Treasury Desk Review of Navajo Nation Tribal Government's Use of Coronavirus Relief Fund Proceeds (Redacted) Other Agency-Wide