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Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
07/22/2019 Department of Defense Audit of Air Force Accountability of Government Property and Oversight of Contractual Maintenance Requirements in the Contract Augmentation Program IV in Southwest Asia Audit Agency-Wide
07/19/2019 Social Security Administration Individuals With Earnings Before Receiving Work-Authorized Social Security Numbers Audit Agency-Wide
07/19/2019 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to Resolve Reprisal Claim Other Agency-Wide
07/18/2019 Department of the Treasury DOMESTIC ASSISTANCE-Recovery Act: Audit of Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Payment Under 1602 Program Audit Agency-Wide
07/17/2019 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Bureau Can Improve the Effectiveness of Its Life Cycle Processes for FedRAMP Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
07/17/2019 U.S. Postal Service Internal Controls Over No Sale Transactions Audit Agency-Wide
07/17/2019 Tennessee Valley Authority Organizational Effectiveness – Nuclear Security Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
07/15/2019 Government Accountability Office Telework Participation and Eligibility: Additional Controls Are Needed to Strengthen Compliance with Telework Act Requirements and GAO Policies for Certain Employees Audit Agency-Wide
07/15/2019 Environmental Protection Agency EPA's Fiscal Year 2019 Management Challenges Top Management Challenges Agency-Wide
07/12/2019 U.S. Postal Service Advance Electronic Data Holds and Reliability Audit Agency-Wide