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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
06/01/2023 Architect of the Capitol Follow-Up Evaluation of the Congressional Request for Architect of the Capitol’s Response to Sexual Harassment Inspection / Evaluation DC, US
06/01/2023 Office of Personnel Management Open Recommendations Over Six Months Old as of March 31, 2023 Other Agency-Wide
06/01/2023 Election Assistance Commission Semiannual Report to Congress, October 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023 Semiannual Report Agency-Wide
06/01/2023 Smithsonian Institution Independent Accountant’s Report on the Smithsonian Enterprises Net Gain for Fiscal Year 2022 Audit Agency-Wide
06/01/2023 Appalachian Regional Commission Sprouting Farms, Corp. Audit WV, US
06/01/2023 Department of Justice Audit of the Office of Justice Programs Victim Compensation Grants Awarded to the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission, Montgomery, Alabama Audit AL, US
06/01/2023 Office of the Director of National Intelligence The Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Releases Its Semiannual Report (Oct 2022 - Mar 2023) to Congress Other Agency-Wide
05/31/2023 Department of Veterans Affairs Goals Not Met for Implementation of the Beneficiary Travel Self-Service System Review Agency-Wide
05/31/2023 Internal Revenue Service Services to Underserved Communities Have Been Ongoing; However, an Agencywide Strategy Has Not Been Developed Audit Agency-Wide
05/31/2023 Department of the Treasury Semiannual Report to Congress (October 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023) Semiannual Report Agency-Wide