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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
01/03/2022 Department of Energy The Department of Energy’s Fiscal Year 2021 Consolidated Financial Statement Audit Other
  • NM, US
  • NM, US
  • CA, US
  • TX, US
  • CA, US
  • NY, US
  • ID, US
  • WA, US
  • TN, US
  • SC, US
  • KY, US
  • NM, US
  • LA, US
  • PA, US
  • DC, US
  • MD, US
01/03/2022 Department of Labor DOL-OIG Investigations Newsletter Vol. 37 Investigation Agency-Wide
12/30/2021 Department of Health & Human Services COVID-19 Tests Drove an Increase in Total Medicare Part B Spending on Lab Tests in 2020, While Use of Non-COVID-19 Tests Decreased Significantly Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
12/30/2021 Department of Justice Recommendations Issued by the Office of the Inspector General That Were Not Closed as of November 30, 2021 Other Agency-Wide
12/29/2021 Department of Energy Allegations Regarding Management Conduct Within the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity Inspection / Evaluation DC, US
12/29/2021 U.S. Agency for International Development Financial Audit of the Alianza Para El Corredor Seco Activity in Honduras, Managed by the Millennium Challenge Account, Assistance Agreements 522-0470 and 522-0502, January 1 to December 31, 2020 Other HN
12/29/2021 Environmental Protection Agency EPA’s Fiscal Years 2020 and 2019 Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System Fund Financial Statements Audit Agency-Wide
12/29/2021 Department of Energy Summary of Findings on Audits of Selected Department of Energy Childcare Centers Other
  • WV, US
  • PA, US
12/28/2021 Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Employee Terminated for Failure to Report Arrest and Violation of Other Company Policies Investigation IL, US
12/28/2021 Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) Employee Terminated for Failing to Report Drug-Related Arrest and a Conviction Investigation NY, US