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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation
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Update policies and guidance to address Management Directive 4.4, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control, and Management Directive 6.9, Performance Management, links to the Quarterly Performance Review (QPR) and reasonable assurance processes to accurately reflect that both agency processes address different aspects of enterprise risk management (ERM). This includes, but is not limited to: a. Updating Management Directive 6.9 for the expanded risk responsibilities added to the QPR process; b. Explaining the role of the Programmatic Senior Assessment Team (PSAT) in the QPR process in Management Directive 6.9; c. Specifying the Executive Committee on ERM (ECERM) role in decision-making of PSAT risks and ECERM focus areas in Management Directive 4.4; d. Cross-referencing Management Directive 4.4 to Management Directive 6.9 to clearly show that ERM implementation activities through the QPR process eventually lead to the ERM focus areas and the reporting of ERM in the Integrity Act statement; and, e. Including Management Directive 4.4 and Office of the Executive Director for Operations (OEDO) Procedure - 0960 in Management Directive 6.9, “Section VI. References.”
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