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Where To Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation
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Establish and implement ongoing monitoring activities and separate evaluations (such as periodic compliance reviews) that provide senior management with reasonable assurance that each collecting unit is complying with Smithsonian Directive 600 and the Smithsonian Directive 600 Implementation Manual requirements for developing and implementing an inventory plan including the following: a. The National Collection Program Director periodically advises senior management on the effectiveness and implementation of inventory plans, ensuring that each collecting unit has an inventory plan that includes all required information and is being periodically reviewed. b. Directors approve their unit's inventory plan and ensure that it is appropriate to (1) the nature, characteristic, and size of the collections under the unit's control; (2) staff resources; and (3) unit requirements. c. Directors receive reports on the results of inventories, as required, and necessary to monitor the plan's implementation.
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