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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation
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FHFA should direct DER to develop and implement a systematic workforce planning process within 12 months that aligns with Office of Personnel Management guidance and best practices and is fully documented. That process should include: • Identifying the appropriate number of Enterprise high-risk models to be examined each year through targeted examinations; • Identifying the current examination skills and competencies of examiners engaged in supervisory activities of high-risk models; • Forecasting the optimal staffing levels and competencies of examiners necessary to complete the identified number of targeted examinations of high-risk models planned for each examination cycle; • Evaluating whether a gap exists between skills required to conduct supervision of high-risk models that its examiners currently need but do not possess; and • Addressing that gap.
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In its management response to this evalution, FHFA stated it would assess the report’s recommendations and provide a response by June 30, 2020. On September 22, 2020, we reposted this report with an Addendum that provides FHFA’s June 30, 2020, response and related communications. In summary, FHFA has planned an alternative approach that is generally responsive to the recommendations.