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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Investigations

Inspectors General conduct independent and objective criminal, civil, and administrative investigations related to the employees, programs, operations, grants, and contracts of their agencies.

Each year, these investigations help prevent, detect, and address waste, fraud, mismanagement, and abuse; form the basis of thousands of criminal and administrative actions; and result in billions of dollars of monetary recoveries.

Inspector General Investigations

Report Datesort descending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
09/01/2015 Department of the Interior Investigation of an NPS Employee’s Receipt of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Investigation US
09/08/2015 Department of the Interior Investigation of FWS Regional Director Investigation US
09/09/2015 Department of the Interior FWS Officials Investigated for Misconduct Over Dunes Sagebrush Lizard ESL Classification Investigation US
09/14/2015 Department of the Interior Investigation of Inappropriate Use of a Computer by a USBR employee Investigation US
09/15/2015 Department of Justice Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a U.S. Marshal for Creating a Hostile Work Environment and Failing to Report an Employee’s Alleged Misconduct Investigation
09/15/2015 Department of Justice Investigative Summary: Findings of Mishandling of Sensitive Information, Misusing Government Resources and Position, and Engaging in Unauthorized Pro Bono Legal Work by an AUSA Investigation
09/25/2015 Department of Homeland Security Investigation into the Improper Access and Distribution of Information Contained Within a Secret Service Data System Investigation US
09/28/2015 Department of Veterans Affairs Administrative Investigation: Inappropriate Use of Position and Misuse of Relocation Program and Incentives in VBA Investigation
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09/30/2015 Export-Import Bank Improper Disclosure of Information Investigation DC, US
09/30/2015 Export-Import Bank Gaspar-Vazquez, Julian (et al.) Investigation DC, US