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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Investigations

Inspectors General conduct independent and objective criminal, civil, and administrative investigations related to the employees, programs, operations, grants, and contracts of their agencies.

Each year, these investigations help prevent, detect, and address waste, fraud, mismanagement, and abuse; form the basis of thousands of criminal and administrative actions; and result in billions of dollars of monetary recoveries.

Inspector General Investigations

Report Datesort descending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
09/30/2014 Department of Justice Summary of Investigative Findings and Redacted Report of Investigation of Department of Justice Grants to the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance Investigation WI, US
10/07/2014 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Event Inquiry: NRC Oversight of Licensee’s Use of 10 CFR 50.59 Process to Replace SONG’s Steam Generators (Case No.13-006) Investigation MD, US
10/17/2014 Department of Homeland Security Allegations of Misuse of Secret Service Resources Investigation DC, US
10/23/2014 Department of the Interior Investigation of a Former NPS Employee Receiving Workers’ Compensation Investigation US
10/23/2014 Department of the Interior Investigative Report of the U.S. Park Police's Response During a Missing-Person Investigation Investigation DC, US
11/03/2014 Department of the Interior Alleged Misuse of Government Credit Card Investigation US
11/07/2014 Department of the Interior Investigative Report of Steve Black Investigation US
11/12/2014 Department of the Interior Investigation of Altered Documents Provided to ONRR Auditors Investigation US
11/17/2014 Peace Corps Investigative Review of the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of a Volunteer in Peace Corps/China Investigation CN
11/18/2014 Department of the Interior Investigation of Contractor’s Inflated Indirect Cost Rates and Ineligible Direct Costs Investigation US